What Our Clients say..


“Mike started working with us 3 years ago and we continue to call on him. His pricing is very good, and his turnaround time on the estimates is phenomenal!”
-Dan Paul, Operations Manager, Carmel Unified School District


“Mike is extremely responsive and has always made my schedules, even when they were tight – that takes a lot of stress out of operating my business. I have a strong level of confidence in Mike’s cost estimating work, which alleviates any worries and uncertainties about the end product. Once we find a great consultant we want to keep working with them, and that’s what we’ve done with AC&E.”
~ Mike Peachey, MW Architects Inc.






At AC&E we specialize in cost estimating for the following industries:

Education: From K-12 schools, higher education facilities, and libraries to child development centers and multi-purpose rooms, funding for education projects is limited; demanding budget allocation be strategic and responsible. We work alongside school districts, facility managers, and architects to provide the most relevant numbers and assist you in the decision-making process

Public Works: From fire stations and county clerk buildings to public parks and infrastructure improvements, Public Works projects must be designed and constructed to maximize operational efficiency and longevity while minimizing unnecessary change orders. We work alongside architects, engineers, and public works professionals to provide an independent cost analysis and help you reach your goals.

Government: From federal and state buildings to Veteran Affairs and military facilities, government projects require diligent planning, detailed review, and third-party opinions.We work alongside architects and directly with government agencies to ensure that your projects are built to the highest specifications, within budget.  

Healthcare: From medical and health crisis buildings to accident recovery centers and skilled nursing facilities, changing technology and industry demands require attentive cost estimating. We stay ahead of these changes so that we ensure your healthcare project stays ahead of its budget.

From retail stores, restaurants, and hotels to wineries, agricultural buildings, and warehouses, estimates for commercial projects must incorporate square footage, aesthetics, materials, location, and even replacement costs and depreciation values for commercial remodels. We understand these costing demands and give you the information you need to get the best value for your dollar.

From high-end custom homes and mixed-used residential housing to multi-family dwellings and public housing, the level of detail and workmanship as well as the desire of interior finishes and exterior curb appeal will make an impact on the final cost estimate. We ask the questions that ensure all the applicable residential requirements are accounted for.