What Our Clients say..

“I wouldn’t use another cost estimator because I know Mike is knowledgeable, accurate, and always on time; he helps drive our schedule. His construction background along with his custom estimating software allows him to provide advice to ensure we stay on budget while still providing quality product.“

~ Michael DeMartini, AIA, LEED AP, Ravatt Albrecht & Associates



“We use Mike at AC&E because he has historically provided us with very accurate cost estimates – within 2-3% of the bid. He is very thorough, breaking down specific materials by line item and unit costs so that we can price out the variable cost for selecting materials. Most importantly, he keeps up with current index costs throughout California, which is a critical part of accurate estimating for bids.”

–Bob Varner, Ordiz-Melby Architects Inc.



At AC&E, we work hard to maintain a 90% repeat or referral client ratio. How do we do it? Our accuracy, level of detail, and responsiveness keep our clients coming back – in fact, our clients rely on us to guide not only their budget, but their schedules too.

By providing hands-on services through proven methods, we ensure every design possibility is considered, every question is answered, and every detail is accounted for.

The Conceptual Design - Single Design Estimate
In order to avoid expensive redesigns of a project, we review and analyze the conceptual design to establish probable cost data that architects, designers, and project owners can use to make adjustments to the scope without incurring unnecessary costs.

The Conceptual Design - Comparative Design Estimate
When there are multiple design alternatives to choose from, we work at the forefront of the project to review the conceptual designs, analyze probable cost data, and establish which design concept is the most feasible from a cost perspective.

The Schematic Design Estimate
During Schematic Design, we analyze floor plans, elevations, layouts, and materials to set a more accurate project budget and provide a cost base line for the future estimates. We test the Schematic Estimate against the Conceptual Estimate to keep the design on budget.

The Design Development Estimate
During Design Development, we track the costs of all design changes since the Schematic Estimate. We outline detailed estimates on specific building materials and systems, which provides the architect, designer, and owner with cost benefit information for value engineering.

The Construction Document Estimate
To develop Construction Document Estimates, we review the detailed plans and specifications that the General Contractor will use for bidding purposes. We ensure all final details, such as bid alternates and construction timelines, are accounted for and applied to the bid documents.

The Pre Bid Estimate
The Pre Bid Estimate is the final, most detailed estimate and is used to evaluate the contractors’ bid proposals before the owner signs the Construction Contract Document. We organize this estimate so that every design option can be easily removed and replaced with design alternatives in order to keep the project on budget. This is a particularly useful tool if Plan Checkers request last-minute design changes or City officials require unexpected design adjustments.